Salon Guest Guidelines:

if you like paper... print and sign, Otherwise use the form on the home page.

Self screening.
Before leaving your home - make sure you aren't trying to spread the cooties.
One guest at a time.
There will be no waiting area at this time.
Please wait in your car.
until im ready for you. I will text you when its time for you to come in.
Wear face mask.
if I have to work in one... you have to wear one to0 - no exceptions!!!
let me get the door.
Wash your hands or sanitizer.
as soon as you enter the salon head straight to the washroom or ask for hand sanitizer, before touching anything.
Food + drinks aren't allowed.
so please have a snack and your beverage before coming to your appointment.
We encourage you to buy product.
but let me get it for you.
Rebook your next appointment.
lets get back into our beauty routine
Thank you for being patient as we navigate through this!